Conversion – Evaluating online success

Every digital marketing strategy needs methods of gauging success and KPIs will have been identified during the creation process to ensure that the plan is on track throughout its lifecycle. KPI’s are influenced by your conversion rate therefore conversion optimisation is essential.

Monitor and Optimise your Digital Marketing Strategy

Monitor & Optimise

Digital marketing resides in an fluid environment where technological advances mean that you can appear to be behind the curve even before you’ve had a chance to execute your plan. It’s important therefore to have an agile strategy that moves with the times.

Identifying when and what to change requires a toolset that probably won’t be available in house, that’s where I can help.

Data analytics

Conversion, whatever that may mean to your business, is the key metric that shows how well your overall marketing strategy is performing. However, to identify new opportunities and assess existing online tactics, we have to bring data together from conversion and marketing metrics.

I am able to do this using a variety of tools which enable me to report on the success of online marketing campaigns and indicate where improvements might be made.

Conversion optimisation

Online visitors can be fickle and their attention span is short. Optimising their journey to conversion is essential and I can use a variety of methods that allow me to assess their engagement. If improvements are necessary, I can make recommendations or deal with the issue directly.

Customer engagement

Having turned a visitor into a customer is one thing, but turning that customer into a repeat customer is an obvious tactic that should be employed. Depending on your business model, this can be a short or long game but the methods used are similar. I can help you recognise the methods that will work best for your business.

Reputation management

Online reputation is extremely important. There have been many well documented incidents where a bad review can cause untold damage to a business. I can help you manage your reputation through training and recommending ways to boost your online credibility.


Regular audits are essential to ensure you are keeping pace with technology and the competition. Frequency depends on the market that you are entering but it’s crucial to have an open mind and agile strategy that can change with the environment. By pulling together all the necessary data and reassessing the strategic plan I can report and make recommendations as required.