It’s never dull in the world of SEO. As an SEO consultant to mostly small businesses, I have to wear many hats. Because I complete all work in house, I need a good understanding of web design and development across many platforms, as well as universal knowledge of search engine optimisation.

Apart from that, I can be asked all manner of IT related questions; from how to use certain software, to advice about hardware and networks. I’ve been working with computers since the early ’90s so have amassed a reasonable amount of knowledge of all things computing. However, I wouldn’t call myself an expert on all software or hardware, and this comes as a surprise to some clients! If I can help I will, and if i can’t I’ll normally be able to point a client in the direction of someone who can.

As well as the unusual requests for IT support, all my clients are unique in their SEO requirements.  I could be working on a project for a holiday cottage company one day, and for an online hypnotherapist the next. Each project has to be researched thoroughly, and this is a part of the job that I enjoy a great deal. Looking deeply into markets that I have no knowledge of, and seeing how I can use my skills to gain a competitive advantage for my client’s business, is something I find extremely interesting.

My days can be a bit hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my job.