About Webartifice

The Beginning

Formed over 20 years ago in Bournemouth on the sunny south coast of England, Webartifice started designing user and search engine friendly websites long before digital marketing became buzzwords. Steve Tunnicliffe created Webartifice, that’s me, and since its inception, I have always overseen project design, development, and implementation.

I created Webartifice two decades ago after recognising that smaller businesses weren’t getting the service they needed to succeed online. Along with a small group of dedicated and talented people, most of who have gone on to do great things in their career (and some of which have since retired!), we built practical online tools that helped businesses be successful.

I still create websites today, but increasingly my time is spent as a digital marketing consultant. I have helped many companies and organisations succeed online by providing custom-built strategies that, consider goals, abilities, and budgets.

Webartifice Philosophy

While I have worked with clients as far away as northern Scotland and those who do business in Africa, my client base is predominantly local. In honesty, I prefer this as it enables me to provide the personal touch that I believe is essential to building a good relationship with my clients. My clients are exclusively SMEs; I leave enterprise work to agencies with the necessary resources to cope.

The online landscape has changed significantly over time, and the opportunities for marketing your business are more diverse now than ever before.

You could say that while there was very little help for small businesses 20 years ago, there is now too much advice freely available online, and not all of it is good. The job of promoting your business and reaching your online goals may now seem much more complicated.

I feel that there is now even more of a need to help SME’s identify those opportunities and help them achieve their goals.

We highly recommend the services of Steve Tunnicliffe, owner of Webartifice.  Steve has worked alongside us at WPS since day one, our website being key to  the development of our procurement business in Africa.

Steve immerses himself in projects, researching key points in depth with no time wasted, having the ability to quickly understand how your business operates, working alongside his client as a “team” member.

The results have been excellent to the point that we have reduced our marketing efforts having found our niches.

Peter & Julie England

Directors , Worldwide Procurement Service UK Ltd.

Here & Now

Appearances can be deceptive online, so I’d like to make clear that I don’t run a big marketing agency and I don’t work with enterprise clients. In fact, the further up the scale of success you are, the less likely it is that I will have the capacity to help you.

Start-ups with a strong business plan, micro businesses and small businesses will benefit from my service. For a definition of these types of business, look here, you may be surprised. (Skip to Table B of the document if the definition is all you need.)

My processes are based on an industry recognised planning system that you can read more about on the pages of this website. Careful planning and implementation is the key to online success.

If you are wondering whether myself and my partners are the right people to help you with your next project, I understand, there are a lot of hollow promises made on the web. However, you’ll find that we’re honest and hardworking, and genuinely have your best interests at heart. We value both our clients and our reputation.

Please view my rates, and if they are within your budget, please contact me about your project.

My pledge:

  • I’ll never take on a client unless I am confident I can help them.
  • I’ll never take on businesses that are in direct competition with an existing client.
  • I’ll be transparent about what I do, there is no secret sauce and no skulduggery!
  • My advice will be honest and based on experience and in fact.