Are You Getting the Best Value from Graphic Design?

There is much more to good commercial graphic design than you might think. To recognise the value, you need to understand what’s possible and how it’s achieved.

Graphic design provides the opportunity to:

  • Improve brand perception
  • Encourage engagement¬†
  • Retain customers
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Provide strong communication
  • and much more

To do any of this effectively, your designer must carefully consider your requirements and appreciate your business goals. A good graphic designer will listen, question and clarify before they put their metaphoric pen to paper.

I work closely with graphic designers who take this enquiring approach to all projects. 

I want their designs to bring value to your business, to help it grow, and to reinforce what it stands for. 

Good Design is Good Business

How Design Affects Website Users

It’s important to keep your website’s design current. People use websites every day, and they get used to a certain level of usability. If your website doesn’t provide a decent user experience, it is unlikely to be fulfilling its potential.

A web design review to see how user-friendly it is and implementing changes where required can show a significant uplift in conversion rate. One of my customers, Dorset Sports Cars, witnessed an increase of web-driven enquiries of nearly 300% YoY after I redesigned their site. I didn’t provide any additional functionality; I just presented their information in a better way. I improved their website design.

Beyond the Web

Successful marketing goes beyond online services. Getting your branding right is essential. Your brand is important because you want people to view your business in a positive light. Sure, you could get a friend or relative to do this for you, but you will end up selling yourself short unless they are a professional graphic designer.

I’ve found that businesses, especially micro-businesses or start-ups, struggle to see the value in a graphic design service. Business owners often spend time trying to design their own brand, hoping it will give some direction to a designer (and therefore I presume, save money). My advice is not to take this approach. Let your graphic designer come up with ideas – it’s what they do, and your brand will be all the better for it.

For all graphic design services, I can recommend Troy at Wildsky. We have worked together for years, I work on his projects, and he works on mine. I’m confident he provides the service my clients deserve, and he delivers on projects of all types and sizes, with a wide portfolio of businesses that trust him with their brand.

Typical services include:

  • Logos & Branding
  • Websites & Digital
  • All Marketing Collateral, including Leaflets, Brochures & Magazines
  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Product Photography

View examples of his work and some glowing testimonials on his website: