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Local search engine optimisation is very important. Growth of smart phone use and “near me” type searches has been incredible and is set to rise.Therefore it’s imperative that your business appears prominently in search results for relative searches, Local SEO is the answer.

Most of these types of searches are completed on Google using a web browser. However, Google, Apple and Bing mapping systems have their share of traffic across mobile devices. We can use all three platforms to boost your business.

Its not just mobile users that Local SEO impacts. People who are searching on desktops or laptops who are geographically close to your business will benefit as well. Google’s search results are heavily influenced by the searchers location so anything that you can do to help your business stand out from the competition has to be welcome.

So what else can be influenced with this type of optimisation? If you search for your brands name, your business is likely to appear near the first position in organic search. If you employ local SEO tactics, you can also influence the box of information that appears to the right of desktop search in a separate box. In mobile search, the box appears before other organic search results. Information such as opening hours, telephone number, and business address are common things to see here. You can view my listing here, or there’s an example of what is normally seen below.

Webartifice One box Result

We can employ various tactics to improve your local exposure. For example, we can…

  • Utilise the dedicated business portals that search engines provide.
  • Improve the code on your website to show important information in machine readable ways.
  • Ensure that your site is listed on important directories that have local importance.

To avoid administrative problems down the line, Local SEO has to be carefully planned and implemented. Ensuring that you make the best use of the tools available to you is essential for getting good local search exposure.

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