A long-standing client contacted me recently asking whether I could help promote a flat that she intended to rent out. Her budget was modest, so any solution had to be realistically priced.

Having listened to my client’s ideas, I did some preliminary research to see how effective what she was proposing might be. The market she was aiming at is particularly competitive in Bournemouth, but I felt that for a small outlay we could give it a go and see what could be achieved.  The property is aimed at students who would agree to lease on a yearly contract.

Bournemouth is a university town, but the property is far removed from what many imagine student accommodation is like. The purpose-built flat is also in a quieter part of town, but good public transport links and with Southbourne beach and local shops within easy walking distance, it is certainly an attractive option.

My client had also identified that the property was close to the AECC University College and that students studying there would find the flat particularity attractive.

I’ve created a very quick one-page site with some minor SEO, and it has been online for about a week. I’m tracking various keyphrases to see how much impact we can have and so far things are looking promising.

Student flat to rent in Bournemouth, near the AECC

This isn’t the first time that I’ve used one page sites to promote businesses. They work well for micro-businesses and sole traders who do business locally. In my view, it’s better to have one page full of relative and useful content, than five or more pages that add nothing to the user’s experience. I’ve also found that small business owners find it hard to fill pages with useful content, and even with a professional on board, it can be a real challenge to create content that is worthwhile without breaking the bank.

Good things often do come in small packages!