The services I provide, work for businesses from sole traders to SMB’s. To illustrate how worthwhile my service can be, even to the smallest of clients, I thought I’d give a real-world example.

A new client came to me in December and asked if I could help him. His web site had stagnated and where once it produced enquiries it was now failing badly.  I did a quick audit and identified several things that we could do to help his business along. Recognising that something had to be done he gave me the go ahead to do what I could within the confines of the budget he could afford.

When I first looked at the site it was languishing in the depths of search results where no one visits, Today (early January) its page one for the three main key-phrases that are important to his business and he has a listing on Google maps that shows for his prime local search term. Business started improving pretty much immediately. I completed all work in house to keep the costs down and it took about eight hours.

So what did he get for his money? This will probably surprise you…

Poole Handyman Service

The Handyman Service Website

  • 1 Hour free consultation
  • Simple brand refresh
  • New responsive website based on the WordPress CMS. Just two pages, but he has the ability to add as many as he wishes and it’s a great SEO friendly platform that gives a firm foundation for future expansion.
  • Minor keyword research
  • Search engine optimisation of pages
  • Google My Business listing recovery
  • Google Analytics set up
  • Advice on how to move forward

I think you’ll agree the design I provided isn’t going to win any awards any time soon, but the truth is what I’ve provided should be only considered as a starting point. However, we have future plans to move things to the next level when funds become available and he now has a clear online marketing direction. Most importantly, he’s busy, and that hasn’t happened by luck. You don’t necessarily need cutting edge web design if you’re a handyman, what you do need is an accessible, fast website that tells visitors what you do and how they can contact you.

So, for less than £500 he has a tool that can be used for future marketing and it’s driving business; it paid for itself in the first month. I’m sure you have seen websites advertised for less, you may think that you can do it yourself using one of the tools advertised on the TV or your mates nephew can do web design, but will the result be something that actually works? In my experience, probably not.

If you need a handyman in Poole or the surrounding area then you could give Pete a look. His website provides a list of his services, how much he charges and contact details. You’ll find him over at

If you’re a handyman and you’re looking for help with your website then I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat – I only take on one active client per industry to avoid conflict of interests. However, if you’re a small business or even a sole trader in another industry why not give me a ring, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Number’s at the top of the page.